Addiction Courses & Training


Clinical drug and alcohol counselors (CADC) assist individuals with substance use disorders by providing individualized treatment, support and motivation along their journey toward wellness.


NJPN provides the 270 education hours (45 courses) for individuals interested in becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) or a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). These curses are no cost for counselor interns working in DMHAS licensed treatment facilities. Scholarships are available to attend courses offered weekly at 8 training sites throughout the state.


Chemical Dependence Associate (CDA) certification establishes foundation competency and education for those working towards their CADC. The CDA requires 20%, or 54 hours, of the 270 education hours needed for the LCADC or CADC. The 9 specific classes were chosen for their focus on areas that counselor interns  need to know prior to working as a counselor.


NJPN offers 9-course CDA track at no cost to those interested in pursuing an internship at a The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) licensed treatment facility. NJPN assists CDA candidates with internship placement. 


Licensed and certified clinicians (CADC & LCADC) working in DMHAS agencies may apply for a scholarship to attend renewal trainings that provide the continuing education credits required to maintain a valid credential in NJ.


Various renewal courses are held annually throughout the state.


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Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) is an individual who has demonstrated competence related to alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention and who provides services that build capacities of individuals and systems to promote healthy environments, lifestyles, and communities. CPS ensure that programs and their funders are delivering on their mission of ensuring public safety and well-being through primary prevention and the latest evidence-based practices. NJPN offers scholarships to attend CPS educational courses offered in two training sites.


NJPN helps promote careers in the fields of substance abuse prevention and treatment and connects eligible individuals with DMHAS agencies statewide that host internship opportunities.


Peer support workers are people who have been successful in the recovery process who help others experiencing similar situations. Through shared understanding, respect, and empowerment, peer support workers help people become and stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse. NJPN offers training for peer workers in DMHAS peer programs. Not all positions require formal certification, but there are two peer certifications supported by the NJ DMHAS for peer workers interested in NJ or National peer credential. 

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