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Who We Are

The New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) is a public health agency working to create healthier communities by reducing the burden of substance misuse, addiction and other chronic disease.

What We Do: 

NJPN brings professionals together through focused networks and training opportunities supporting prevention, treatment and recovery support programs offered throughout New Jersey. Our networks foster collaboration and leverage resources to enhance environmental strategies and targeted statewide services in the fields of substance misuse prevention, public health, addiction education, and military support. Our workforce development programs support the continuum of care for those with substance use disorder including early interventions, treatment and peer recovery support services.   Working together, our network professionals implement best service practices and evidenced-based programs across the state, helping build New Jersey’s capacity to create stronger, healthier communities, families and individuals.

NJPN 2021 Annual Report: 
Expanding Possibilities


Our History: 


The New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) was established in 1998 to lead New Jersey’s system of prevention agencies by building capacity, p

promoting best practices and coordinating statewide prevention initiatives.   The original statewide network was formed of independent, non-profit prevention agencies with offices in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties. As part of a connected system of professional services for the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, drug use/misuse and other related issues, this network established high quality standards and evidenced-based practices sharing the common goal to reduce the prevalence and negative consequences of addiction and related problems. NJPN supported these prevention agencies to work with cross-sector stakeholders in each county in developing coalitions to form the current Regional Prevention Coalition system. The network agencies provided support services to those needing referrals for their own or another individual’s substance use disorder to appropriate treatment services. This groundbreaking network was the foundation of many successful programs and systems currently operating throughout New Jersey. 


NJPN soon realized that building a strong workforce for prevention, treatment and recovery support would support the service needs in the state. NJPN’s Addiction Training Workforce Development (ATWD) program was created in partnership with NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services to increase the supply of trained and addiction professionals to address New Jersey's behavioral health needs.  This continued partnership has allowed NJPN to expand our training and support programs to serve all CDA, CADC, LCADC, CPRS, NCPRSS and CPS bringing professionals from entry level to advanced course work covering the continuum of care.     NJPN now provides professional development opportunities to NJ professionals and promotes evidence-based strategies in the fields of substance misuse prevention, treatment and recovery support.   


NJPN has been a leader in advocacy efforts to support prevention and public health policies since our inception.   Our prevention programs continue to expand to lead and coordinate many evidence-based prevention services including Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ, IMPACT NJ Coalition focused on marijuana/cannabis and tobacco, supporting Prevention Regional Coalitions across the state, a Military Program for military personnel and their families,  and WISE (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education) which is a nationally recognized evidence based program developed by NJPN and implemented across NJ and the US.  The newest addition to our work includes leading a system of Prevention Hubs that re-establishes an organized system of prevention agencies providing services in each county. 


Towards the goal of helping all New Jerseyans to be healthy and able to thrive, NJPN draws on unparalleled experience, expertise, and partnerships achieved over the past 20+ years.   No other organization in NJ brings such reach, depth and scope to the work of substance use and addressing the factors that contribute to its prevalence.  Our strength and effectiveness derive from the perspective and passion we bring to NJPN’s mission of providing trainings, tools, resources and support to the professionals and local organizations who are changing lives through their prevention, treatment and recovery support services.   

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