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The written exam takes place first. Individuals may not schedule the oral exam until after they have passed the written exam. All written exams are computer-based and can be scheduled to be taken at the APCBNJ Office 

Process for registering for and taking a computerized exam: 

After the ABCBNJ receives your registration form, fee and current Test Approval letter from the ADCC/DCA-ADCC (if applicable), you will be pre-register with Schroder Measurement Technologies, Inc. (SMT), the IC&RC’s testing firm (approximately 2-3 weeks maximum). 

It is important that you use your personal email as an increasing number of agencies are using more secure servers that might block incoming email from the APCBNJ or the Testing Company. 

SMT/ISO Quality Testing Center will send you a link with an ID and password to choose the date and time you want to take the exam. 

The exam is 150 multiple choice questions administered in a point and click format. You can bookmark questions and come back to them later in the exam. There is a short (5 minute) tutorial to make sure you understand the process prior to starting the exam. 

You will receive your preliminary score immediately after the completing the exam. 

Exam scores for the “ADC” exam will be sent to the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiner’ ADCC for inclusion in your file.

When and where are the exams given?

The written exam concentrates on the 12 core competencies of addiction counseling. A good resource to review is SAMHSA’s TAP 21 Addiction Counselor Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice (CSAT, 2017). The TAP is available free and can be downloaded from the SAMHSA National Clearinghouse website: Competencies/SMA15-4171

The oral exam consists of formulating and answering questions regarding a case presentation. Distance Learning Center (DLC) has prepared a “Getting Ready to Test” exam manual that helps the applicant prepare for both the written and oral examination. The manuals may be purchased at

APCBNJ has a link for “Directions for Preparing a Case Presentation.” It can be found at

An IC&RC study guide is available by calling 717-540-4455.

How do I prepare for the exams?

The oral exam is reviewed by trained addiction professionals hired as consultants by APCBNJ. Each oral exam is rated by three reviewers.

Who reviews the oral exam?

Distance Learning Center publishes three test manuals that are available for purchase directly from the Distance Learning website (,

How can I purchase a “Getting Ready to Test” manual?

Yes. There are provisions for those with learning disabilities to take an un-timed written exam. When registering for the written exam, the applicant must send a written request and recent professional documentation of their disability along with the application form.