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Healing Resources



Empowering Change in Our Community

Across the nation, people of all backgrounds are experiencing a time in which discussions about race, bigotry, and culture are at the forefront of their everyday lives. Many people tend to avoid these discussions because they fear the unknown and uncomfortable feelings that arise.

Simply put, the effect of racism and racial trauma on substance abuse is real and cannot be ignored. A study published by Purdue University about the links between racial mistreatment and substance abuse found that 90% of those surveyed reported daily discrimination. Beyond that, there is a large disparity in access to treatment for communities of color. Actionable steps need to be taken to change these facts.


NJPN realizes these are difficult times, and encourage you to check in with your loved ones and neighbors. To be mindful of their pain and any racial trauma, as you continue to provide support and care. We are providing a list of healing resources that can be useful for yourself, providers and anyone else as you see fit.

Healing Racial Trauma

Discrimination and social pressures play a significant role in substance use within communities of color. Below are a variety of resources intended to help heal racial trauma.

White Mothers[b] (and Fathers & Parents): Please take some time to choose a strategy or two or twenty and engage this in your homes and places of influence. We thank you for fighting this fight with us.
"Raising a (White) Anti-Racist Kid Wisdom, Hopes, Dreams, & Wishes from Mothers (and those that love like mothers) of Color"
Download The Ally + Accomplice Meditation for Cultivating an Anti-Racist Mindset
Center for Racial Healing
Why is it important to talk with children about what happened to George Floyd and other incidents of police brutality or racism in the news.
George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. What Do We Tell Our Children?
In light of recent events, please find resources regarding help for racial and LGBTQ trauma and related issues.
Racial Trauma and Self-Care
Watch a video titled, "Black Parents Explain How to Deal with the Police" by Cut
Speaking to Black Children on How to Deal With the Police
Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup
Talking Race With Young Children
This is guide seems very helpful for how to talk about race. There are more resources at the bottom for people to peruse.
The 8 R’s of Talking About Race: How to Have Meaningful Conversations
Article on Black Trauma and Showing Up at Work
Your Black Colleagues May Look Like They’re Okay — Chances Are They’re Not
Healing Racial Trauma

Get Educated

Understanding the history of racial injustice and talking about it can be very difficult. Below are a variety of articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources which can provide insight on these important topics and help inspire actionable change.

Understanding the history of racial injustice
A History of Racial Injustice (calendar)
TEDx Talk
Allegories on Race and Racism by Camara Phyllis Jones (video)