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Addiction Training & Workforce Development 

NJPN and DMHAS work to increase the supply of trained addiction professionals to address New Jersey's behavioral health needs.  The ATWD program provides a variety of professional development opportunities to support certification and licensure of NJ professionals to address substance use disorders. 

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CADC Program Graduate

After almost 20 years in the field I’m so happy to be nearing the end of something I’ve been attempting to do for years but the courses were so difficult to find and the cost was prohibitive.  I really appreciated receiving the Ready to Test Manual and want to thank everyone for their efforts. 

Supervisor of CADC Program Graduate

To All Involved, Thank you for assisting "L.E." in completing the final courses she needed for her application as LCADC.  She has put her application in and was granted the LCADC this month. NJPN has done a great job of helping people who are almost there, finish the journey.


CADC Program Graduate  

I don’t know how to thank you for the classes through NJPN. I have completed the classes on October 22.  I finished the last at the Middlesex County site.  I have only a few more supervisory hours to be signed for as I am working at an Outpatient Program as Substance Abuse Counselor in training.  I will be taking the test soon. Again thank you so very, very much. 

CADC Program Graduate  

I did it I did it I did it THANK YOU everyone at NJPN for your support

JB, Mercer County Supervisor

Thanks for your congratulations message. YES!!! I am excited to have completed & be able to now plan to take the licensing exam. I thank you & NJPN for all your help & support. How lucky I am to have been part of your grant. ~ Warmest regards, JB  

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