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Addiction Certifications & Training

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L/CADC Counselor Interns: Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC) assist individuals with substance use disorders by providing individualized treatment, support and motivation along their journey toward wellness.


Scholarships for Courses: NJPN provides the 270 education hours (45 courses) for individuals interested in becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) or a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). These courses are no cost for counselor interns working in DMHAS licensed treatment facilities. Scholarships are available to attend courses offered weekly. Currently all courses are held virtually.

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Chemical Dependence Associate (CDA) certification establishes foundation competency and education for those working towards their CADC. The CDA requires 20%, or 54 hours, of the 270 education hours needed for the LCADC or CADC. The 9 specific classes were chosen for their focus on areas that counselor interns  need to know prior to working as a counselor.


Scholarships for Courses: NJPN offers 9-course CDA track at no cost to those interested in pursuing an internship at a The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) licensed treatment facility. NJPN assists CDA candidates with internship placement. 

Something exciting is on the horizon! Stay tuned for our upcoming launch of the new CDA program
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The 30-hour Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) Training is offered over 5 days. The CCS training is a virtual didactic lecture format, that includes experiential learning exercises that covers topics and issues common in clinical supervision of alcohol and drug counseling staff and interns.


Scholarships for the CCS training are issued for those who hold an LCADC, LPC, or LCSW, actively supervising in a DMHAS licensed substance abuse treatment facility. The NJPN CCS course scholarships are only for INITIAL certification hours.



6-hour Initial Mandatory Legal Standards

This course is required for the initial renewal of LCADC and CADC license/certification. Through NJPN, any LCADC or CADC employed at a DMHAS-licensed substance use disorder treatment agency can take this class at no fee.


3-hour Renewal Mandatory Legal Standards LCADCs and CADCs are required to take this course every renewal period. This NJPN training is for LCADCs and CADCs who work at a DMHAS-licensed substance use disorder treatment agency and previously completed the 6-hour course in their initial renewal cycle.



NJPN helps connect eligible individuals with DMHAS licensed treatment agencies statewide seeking ADC Interns.

Students attending CDA courses through NJPN are provided one-on-one assistance to secure an internship while attending courses.

Start the Application Process All ADC Interns must apply and be registered with the NJ DCA-ADCC, below is a walkthrough of the NJ ADC Intern Application Process.  



Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) has demonstrated competence related to alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention and who provides services that build capacities of individuals and systems to promote healthy environments, lifestyles, and communities. CPS ensure that prevention policies and programs focus on public safety and well-being through primary prevention and the latest evidence-based practices.

Scholarships for Courses: NJPN offers scholarships to attend CPS educational courses - currently online only.

*Must possess a bachelor's degree in a human services-related field.

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