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Jennifer Oliva

Jennifer Oliva

Associate Professor of Law

Seton Hall University

Jennifer D. Oliva, JD, MBA is an Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law at Seton Hall Law where she specializes in health law and policy, FDA law, drug policy, evidence, privacy, and complex litigation. An honors graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Professor Oliva was a Public Interest Law Scholar and served as Executive Notes & Comments Editor of The Georgetown Law Journal. Prior to attending law school, Professor Oliva earned a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Oxford. She was elected as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar while a cadet at the United States Military Academy.  Professor Oliva served as the 2020 Chair of the AALS Section on Law and Mental Disability. She was recently elected as Secretary of the AALS Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care and to the Executive Board of the AALS Section on Biolaw. Professor Oliva was selected as a 2019 Wiet Life Science Law Scholar by the Loyola University Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, a 2020 Health Law Scholar by the Saint Louis University Center for Health Law Studies and the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, and the recipient of the 2021 Health Law Community Service Award by the AALS Section on Law, Medicine, and Health Care. The Harry S. Truman Foundation honored Professor Oliva with the 2019 Truman Scholarship Foundation Ike Skelton Award for her commitment to public service and the Seton Hall Law student body selected her for the 2021 Paula Franzese Excellence in Teaching (Professor of the Year) Award. She was recently appointed to the National Pain Advocacy Center’s Science and Policy Advisory Council. Prior to joining the faculty at Seton Hall Law, Professor Oliva served three years as Associate Professor of Law and Public Health at West Virginia University, where she was selected as the College of Law’s 2017-2018 Professor of the Year and the West Virginia Law Review’s 2017-2018 Professor of the Year. She also spent the Spring 2019 semester as a visiting research scholar at The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School. Professor Oliva’s scholarship has been published by or is forthcoming in the California Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Northwestern University Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, North Carolina Law Review, Washington Law Review, and online companion to the University of Chicago Law Review.

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Decriminalization: Creating a Community Safety Net

This workshop focuses on effective decriminalization and intervention practices that contribute to the safety net of education, resources and support. The presentation will detail how initiatives supporting decriminalization generate outcomes to assist communities repair, families remain intact, individuals no longer have a criminal record and support services to be readily available. US criminal justice policies towards drug use continue to target Black and Brown people, families, and communities -- despite their drug use rates being lower than that of Whites. Today 1 in 3 Black men have been in prison, on probation or on parole, primarily due to racially unjust drug laws. This presentation will detail the devastating, long-term effects on families and communities. The presentation explores national focus groups (including NJ specific data) regarding societal perceptions of decriminalization, as well as review literature on outcomes of compulsory treatment and the economics of decriminalization and discuss how decriminalization will reduce the number of people involved in the criminal justice system, create a climate where people can seek treatment rather than fear stigma or arrest, improve treatment outcomes where treatment is called for, and remove barriers to the implementation of evidenced-based practices, such as harm reduction.


This workshop is approved for 1-hour Renewal Credit/CEU for: IC&RC/NJ-AP Certification Board | NAADAC | and DOE.

A Virtual Conference for All Professionals
Supporting Those Impacted by Addiction
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