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Exploring the Power of Gratitude at NJPN's November Confab

Hi NJPN Community,


Exciting news! We're delighted to share November’s Confab highlights with you on the topic of gratitude featuring the insightful LeRoy Stanford, a well-respected mental health and addiction professional who has worked for years with individuals who have direct experiences with a variety of life’s challenges.

November's Confab Highlights

During this holiday season we had the opportunity to participate in an engaging discussion on the topic of gratitude, led by our esteemed guest speaker LeRoy Stanford.

Gratitude, both a state and a trait, holds the power to be experienced in a moment and cultivated as a positive character trait over time. How can we create a space that embraces both aspects in our responses and approaches?

As a trait, gratitude becomes a daily practice, a strength in an individual's life. We were encouraged to share our insights and experiences during Confab, shedding light on the significance of gratitude as a strength that flourishes with support, awareness, and practice.

About LeRoy Stanford:  

What makes LeRoy unique is his ability to communicate effectively, while building relationships with ease. LeRoy’s knowledge and expertise includes medically assisted therapy, group and individual counseling, facilitating trainings, and programs and curriculums.

November Confab Speaker LeRoy Stanford

In collaboration with NJPN, LeRoy, who lives in Cambridge, MA, is the host for our 1-on-1 peer support sessions—a valuable resource that we wholeheartedly encourage the workforce to engage in for self-care, support, and overall well-being.

Your well-being is important, and we're here to support you on your journey. Please continue on for more information on scheduling a session with LeRoy.


Join Us for the Next Confab in 2024 

We invite you to mark your calendars for the last Tuesday of every month and join us on Zoom for an enriching experience. Our Confabs provide a supportive space for individuals to explore holistic pathways to recovery, and we're excited to continue this journey with you.


Save the date for the upcoming Confab, 1/30/2024, where we'll delve into another compelling topic with a knowledgeable guest speaker. It's an opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, and discover new avenues for personal growth.


Individual support sessions are now available with LeRoy Stanford

Being part of the helping profession is incredibly fulfilling, yet it comes with its share of emotional challenges. In today's world, many of us find ourselves feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed, and it's okay to acknowledge that. Remember, you're not alone in this. It's crucial to be kind to yourself in order to help others. Take proactive steps to nurture not only your emotional well-being but your passion and purpose.


Virtual Support Sessions on Zoom

At this moment, it's crucial to proactively safeguard your most vital therapeutic tool—YOU. Would you be interested in discovering new techniques and strategies to enhance your emotional health and well-being? Look no further! You're warmly invited to connect, recharge, and find balance for your emotional health. Take the first step in self-care by signing up today!

We invite you to strengthen your support network by scheduling a 1-on-1 private support session. All are welcome no matter your pathway to recovery.



Thank you for being part of the NJPN community. Together, we're fostering a holistic approach to recovery and well-being. We wish you a safe and healthy holiday season. See you next year at the Confab!


Jenna Reidy is a person in sustained recovery from a substance use disorder since 2008 and is a Peer Recovery Workforce Development Trainer at NJPN. She is a nationally certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (NCPRSS) and has earned the National Diversity Council Certified Diversity Professional designation (NDCCDP). Jenna believes in being of service and values her multiple volunteer roles within her local community. She enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her dog, supporting the peer workforce through her role at NJPN, and prioritizes self-care through work life balance including taking breaks to recharge by spending time with her family and friends.

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