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“Our vision is a healthy New Jersey, achieved by supporting wellness 'one person' and 'one community' at a time.”

Who We Are

At the New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN), we work to create healthier communities by reducing the burden of substance misuse, addiction, and other chronic disease.

What We Do

NJPN is a multifaceted public health agency that supports substance misuse prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery support programs through collaboration and professional training for all of New Jersey.



Treatment & Recovery

Our networks foster relationships with key community stakeholders while leveraging resources to enhance local and statewide services in the fields of prevention, public health, addiction and recovery education, and military support.

Our workforce development programs support the continuum of care for those with substance use disorder, including early intervention, treatment, and peer recovery support services.

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NJPN is committed to lessening the impact of economic, clinical, and environmental disparities that may hinder opportunities to access and receive quality and equitable health resources. We do this through access to education, positive system changes, and policy development to foster respect, inclusion, and accessible resources.


We acknowledge that combating racism, discrimination, and inequity is an ongoing commitment. We step forward to create an open dialogue about these complex issues and work together to forge ahead.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

NJPN 2021 Annual Report: 
Overcoming Challenges, Preparing for the Future


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