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JUNE 18. 2020


Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp

Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Oregon

Kent Vander Kamp, has been in law enforcement as a full-time Deputy since 2008.  He is currently assigned as a Sergeant with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division and serves as a Board Director for CLEAR Alliance, a statewide educational non-profit organization in Oregon. Kent’s current and previous experience as a Detective include investigating serious crimes against persons and property to include but not limited to: homicides, assaults, sex crimes, child abuse and neglect, burglary, major thefts, fraud, and computer crimes. In addition, Sgt. Vander Kamp assists with serious crash investigations, DUII investigations, and proactive traffic enforcement and education. As a Sergeant, Detective, and Deputy Sheriff, Kent Vander Kamp has experience in the enforcement of DUII and traffic laws. Since beginning with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, he conducted about 200 DUII investigations per year. As part of his career training, he has completed several SFST/DUII Detection programs, Drugs that Impair Driving courses, the Advanced Roadside Impairment Detection Enforcement course (ARIDE), and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training. In addition, Sgt Vander Kamp is a certified SFST and DRE Instructor. Sergeant Vander Kamp is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician in the State of Oregon and trained to detect and treat medical and traumatic emergencies, including symptoms of alcohol and illicit drug use. In addition to his law enforcement career, Kent serves as a Teen Marijuana Education Course (TMEC) Trainer for CLEAR Alliance and was asked to join the CLEAR Alliance Board of Directors in 2018. Kent has his pilot’s license and also owns and operates a west coast mortgage and real estate company. Kent is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple multi-million dollar exits. He has an eye for analyzing trends, investing, asset acquisition, and a diverse sales and marketing background.  Additionally, Kent has lead several investments in the mobile gaming space, one of which that generated 2.5 million active monthly users and $72 million in annual run-rate revenues, before executing a $100+ million exit to a leading media company. Kent remains the Executive Managing Member of a social game investment firm. Kent has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Public Administration, with cum laude honors.

PM Workshop

CLEAR Alliance and its Scope of Drug Prevention Education and Impaired Driving in Oregon

CLEAR Alliance is a non-profit organization in Oregon that provides fact-based education to increase awareness and to prevent youth and adult substance abuse and impaired driving. CLEAR Alliance is built and operated by a coalition of Oregon public health, public safety, and public service professionals (both current and retired). This session will cover the scope of CLEAR Alliance’s educational services, data of the health and safety consequences, and include successes and challenges involved with educating about drugs and impaired driving.

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