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Chemical Dependence Associate (CDA)

The Chemical Dependence Associate (CDA) certification provides essential training and foundational knowledge for those pursuing their CADC.

To obtain CDA certification, 54 hours of training (20% of the total 270 hours needed for L/CADC) are required. NJPN’s CDA course includes nine classes that cover important topics for counselor interns to learn before starting work as a counselor.


Initial Certification

  • GED/HS diploma

  • Not currently working in the field or under supervision


54 Hours

Eligibility Requirements

Limited slots are available for individuals who are interested in pursuing a CDA and/or CADC and need to obtain an internship at a DMHAS-licensed substance misuse treatment agency. Individuals who have not yet been hired as an alcohol and drug counselor intern are able to take a maximum of 9 CDA courses with NJPN, but cannot take additional courses towards CADC until they have obtained employment or an internship at a DMHAS-licensed substance misuse treatment facility.


How to Apply

  1. Review the course or training details and ensure you meet or exceed eligibility requirements.

  2. If you are ready to sign up, fill out the application form (button link is to the right).

  3. NJPN will review your application and notify you if you have been accepted into the course or training.

Ready to Apply?

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Scholarship Information

NJPN provides the 54 education hours CDA track at no cost to those interested in pursuing an internship at a The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) licensed SUD treatment facility. The ATWD Team assists CDA candidates with internship placement.

Internship Opportunities

NJPN helps connect eligible individuals with DMHAS licensed treatment agencies statewide seeking ADC Interns. Students attending CDA courses through NJPN are provided one-on-one assistance to secure an internship while attending courses.

Learn more about the internship process and application details by clicking the button below.


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