STEP IT UP! The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities


Read the Surgeon General’s report on Walking and Walkable Communities to learn some of the Best Practices for impacting your community. Get some ideas for a policy you’d like to work towards with funding from the Get Active NJ program!


Transportation Management Associations

Transportation Management Associations are subject matter experts in all matters related to people moving.  Check with your local office to partner on all of your walkability projects.

Built Environment and Public Health Clearinghouse

The Built Environment and Public Health Clearinghouse (BEPHC) is a resource for training and relevant news about the intersection of health and place.

This document provides a primer for public health practitioners and others interested in engaging with local planning and zoning officials.

CDC's Physical Activity Community Strategies


Creating or modifying environments to make it easier for people to walk or bike is a strategy that not only helps increase physical activity, but can makes our communities better places to live.  Click here to see CDC’s resource list.


What is a Safe Routes to School Program?

Learn more about the safe routes to school program. This is a great example of a policy connected to schools that qualifies as an approved policy in the Get Active NJ grant.

NJ Safe Routes to School

One-stop shop for New Jersey Safe Routes to School resources.

How Mayors Can Help Create Healthier Communities

The report identifies five actions that mayors can use to address health disparities: Speak boldly about race, racism and health; listen to the stories of residents; focus on health equity; connect health to other city priorities; and engage the business community.

Livability Index - Learn more about your community!

Is your community “livable”? Check out your communities livability by filtering between various indexes including smoking rates and walkability! The Livability Index scores neighborhoods and communities across the U.S. for the services and amenities that impact your life the most. The Livability Index assesses seven broad categories of community livability: housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity.

Health Benefits of Walking are so Huge, Let's Make Sure Everyone Can Do It

This article lays out the evidence of disparities among communities and access to routine physical activity. There is mounting evidence that a daily walk helps prevent a host of serious diseases and that evidence is beginning to influence debates about health care, community vitality, poverty, race and opportunity.

Make Streets Safer and More Accessible for Poor, People of Color, Disabled and Kids

This article discuses how to ensure that no Americans are denied the health benefits of walking and other physical activity. How to overcome the barriers—from crime in the streets to people’s long working hours—that make walking difficult for low-income Americans. How to make sure that gentrification doesn’t force people out of neighborhoods that are becoming more walkable.

Promoting Airport Walking: A Guide

CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity released Promoting Airport Walking: A Guide. The release of the guide was meant to help accelerate efforts to promote walking and walkable communities across the nation. Another place, sometimes overlooked, where we can get in those extra steps. Take a look at this guide to learn more!