Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a CADC and LCADC?

A. CADC stands for Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. LCADC stands for Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. CADCs and LCADCs help individuals recover from addiction by providing treatment, support and motivation along their journey toward sobriety through a licensed substance abuse treatment agency or private practice.

Q. Is NJPN’s application the same as the application for becoming a CADC/LCADC?
A. No. Our application is only an application for NJPN’s free training program. You can get the application for the CADC/LCADC at http://www.state.nj.us/oag/ca/alcohol/.

Q. I have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and some of my courses covered the same coursework as the CADC/LCADC education. Do I have to take those courses all over again?

A. If you received your alcohol and drug-related or counseling-related education from a regionally-accredited college or university, regardless of how long ago it was, you might not have to take all of the 45 courses. The agency that makes that determination is the Certification Board. Obtain a sealed copy of your transcript, and download the review form you will need to fill out from www.certbd.org.

Q. Will there be a charge for any of the classes?

A. NJPN does not expect to charge for any of the classes offered under this program. However, some of our partners also offer their own classes (not under this program), and charge for attendance at those.

Q. Are there other organizations in the state that offer any of these courses for a fee? I only have a few classes that I need and would consider paying for them if they were offered near me.

A. Yes, there are organizations that offer CADC courses for a fee. Online courses are currently available through http://ncadd-middlesex.org/. In addition, several organizations throughout New Jersey offer the classes. Several colleges and universities also offer the classes or they offer college courses that may qualify for credit in place of some of the CADC courses. Visit www.certbd.org  for more information about these organizations and schools.

Q. Where can I find out about internships or jobs within the field if I’m not currently working at a treatment facility?

A. Internships can help you get the work experience you need to obtain a paying job in the field. And they can help you gain needed experience hours towards becoming a CADC/LCADC. Download our Internship Application if you would like to be considered for one of the internships available throughout the state.

You can view a list of licensed treatment agencies in New Jersey by visiting  https://njsams.rutgers.edu/dastxdirectory/txdirmain.htm.

Looking for more complete information? View our Fact Sheets and detailed FAQ document.

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